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"Our Goal is to serve Shri Shri Krishna Balaram Ji  with the milk of life time protected cows in Vrindavan Dham"

In 1976, Srila Prabhupada began the Bhaktivedanta Swami Goshala at the Krishna Blalaram Mandir in Vrindavan. Ramana Reti, the land of soft pleasing sands, is famous as the place where Krishna and Balarama wandered along the banks of the Yamuna river with Their Cows.

In this Goshala, we are trying to serve the noble cause of cow protection in a humble way; Cows, Bulls and Calves are looked after with great care and love. These animals are never sold to slaughter houses or abandoned even when they become old. They are maintained till the end of their lives very happily. The Goshala has provided pure Cows milk to Their Lordships and the devotees since 1976. Beginning with only 10 milking Cows, the herd has grown to more than 300 Cows, Bulls and calves. The Goshala provides loving shelter to all of the animals, and cares for them throughout their lives.


Goshala Highlight

  • By which they have improved digestion
  • Their tongues get healed
  • They do not eat mud.
  • The loss of salt through urination is balanced by this process
1. Salt is provided 24 hours
1. Salt is provided 24 hours
  • These laddus are made from jaggery and chokar which is the favorate of cows.
  • There likeness of it can be seen by their eagerness to eat them when donors bring laddu to them.
  • Donors get some laddus when they make donation so that they can do some practical hands-on service to cows.
  • Donors also do go puja for adopting cows for year or for life.
2. Feed Nutritious Laddu
2. Feed Nutritious Laddu
  • So that they get fresh water for drinking.
  • Water get replenished as the cows drink it so we do not need to maintain large open reservoirs of water for drinking which tend to get difficult to maintain in terms of cleanleness.
  • These tubs get cleaned on a daily basis.
3. Auto Filling water System for Cows
3. Auto Filling water System for Cows
  • This standard is given to us as a vetenarian standards. This helps to keep the health of cows in good state.
  • The roaming area with natural with soft mud and shady trees.
  • This is to ensure that they get a very clean environment since cows love cleanliness.
  • Cows and bulls are maintained for their full life period and not sold or given away for any purpose.
4. Running Area is double size of eating area
4. Running Area is double size of eating area
  • More plantation of trees is on the way to provide natural shelter from rain and sun.
  • Cows are not chained for most part of the day.
  • This is so that they feel free in movement and leisure hours.
  • We are focusing on improving Indian breed cows and bulls in our goshala.
  • We wish to cultivate sahiwal and tharparkar breed.
5. Extra shaded and plantation have been provided
5. Extra shaded and plantation have been provided
  • In house medication facility to give daily treatment with a daily doctor visit and medical inspection of cows.
  • Ten months green fodder is fed to cows which is very pleasing and nutritious.
  • Cows are fed as much as they want and no rationing is there.
  • Calves are allowed to drink their mother’s milk completely for one month after their birth so that they can grow up to become very healthy.
6. Cows, Calf and Bull are healthy and peaceful
6. Cows, Calf and Bull are healthy and peaceful
  • Milk is not sent for sale. It is used exclusively for Temple deities and the leftover is given to servitors and devotees
  • Go mata products are made into distile cow urine and other medicine.
  • Cow dung is sent to our “Bhaktivedanta eco farm” for cultivation of organic farming for deities and devotees and grow fodder for cows.
7. Cow Product
7. Cow Product

The Bhagavad-Gita is the eternal message of spiritual wisdom from ancient India. The word Gita means song and the word Bhagavad means God, often the Bhagavad-Gita is called the Song of God.

Because its rhyming meter is so beautifully harmonic and melodious when spoken perfectly.

It is called Anustup and contains 32 syllables in each verse.

Lord Krishna originally spoke the Bhagavad-Gita.

Where was the Bhagavad-Gita originally spoken?

In India at the holy land of Kuruksetra.

Why is the land of Kuruksetra so holy?

Because of benedictions given to King Kuru by Brahma that anyone dying in Kuruksetra while performing penance or while fighting in battle will be promoted directly to the heavenly planets.

Where is the Bhagavad-Gita to be found?

In the monumental, historical epic Mahabharata written by Vedavyasa.

What is the historical epic Mahabharta?

The Mahabharata is the most voluminous book the world has ever known. The Mahabharata covers the history of the earth from the time of creation in relation to India. Composed in 100,000 rhyming quatrain couplets the Mahabharata is seven times the size of the Illiad written by Homer.

Who is Vedavyasa?

Vedavyasa is the divine saint and incarnation who authored the Srimad Bhagavatam, Vedanta Sutra, the 108 Puranas, composed and divided the Vedas into the Rik, Yajur, Artharva and Sama Vedas, and wrote the the great historical treatise Mahabharata known as the fifth Veda. His full name is Krishna Dvaipayana Vyasa and he was the son of sage Parasara and mother Satyavati.

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