Cows and Brahmans

Krsna says that he is especially inclined towards the cows and the brahmanas. Go brahmana hitaya ca. What does both of them have in common? 


1. Both the cows and the brahmanas are in the mode of goodness. They are always peaceful and whoever comes in contact with them also becomes peaceful. Have you ever watched the cows? They know their duty (to chew that grass and manufacture the nectarian milk) and they perform it very peacefully, without any stress or anxiety. The same way the brahmanas are engaged in their duties with full understanding that we are not the doer, that Krsna is in control of everything;  we are His servants whose duty is to do our very best to please Him.


2. Both the cows and the brahmanas have dedicated their lives for selfless service to Krsna and all living entities. The cows give their milk to everyone who ask for it. I have even seen a pictures of a dog drinking milk directly from the milk bag of a cow. And they also like to serve each other by licking other cows. Cows have a perfect service mood: they enjoy serving others more than they like to be served themselves. Brahmanas engage themselves in two activities: 24 hours a day they either serve the Deities or distribute Krsna Consciousness to everyone they meet. They have realized that real happiness lies in serving others rather than getting something for your own sense gratification.


3. Both of them give to the society something, which is essential for the spiritual upliftment of people. Cows give the people milk, which make the brain tissues finer and help people to understand spiritual subjects. Milk is even considered to be liquid love and to develop spiritual love is the real goal of all of our lives. The brahmanas give people the Holy name, spiritual knowledge and Maha Prasada, which attract them to spiritual life and help them to progress more and more.


4. Everything that comes from them or to them is engaged in Krsna’s service. Whatever comes from the cow is beneficial for everyone: the milk and all of its many products, cow dung, urine and even the dust that touched their feet. And the brahmanas are expert how to engage everything in Krsna’s service. There was a story of brahmana who was humiliated by some householders, who threw ashes at him. That brahmanas used the ashes to polish Deity paraphernalia and the consciousness of the fortune householders was transformed by this unconscious service.


Do you know any other things that cows and brahmanas have in common? Krsna says in BG18.42: Peacefulness, self-control, austerity, purity, tolerance, honesty, wisdom, knowledge, and religiousness-these are the qualities by which the brahmanas work.