Goshala Garden

Now please take a stroll in our goshala gardenĀ  . The goshala consists of various plants , shrubs and an entire belt of jasmine flowers , locally known as ‘mogra’ .

These flowers enhance the beauty of the garden and makes you close to Krsna .

Devotees chant their rounds or do pranayam to make their body , mind and soul strong

The goshala also has a Tulsi house which is very beautiful . It is made of different paintings depicting the pastimes .

It also contains very important collection of quotations from different scriptures describing the glories of Vrindadevi , all exclusively carved in marble . One can go to this place , sit there and chant one’s rounds and feel closer to Krsna.

The Gohala garden is undergoing major renovations . Her Grace Anuradha Devi Dasi , a disciple of HH Radha Govind Swami is utilising her years of talent to beautify this place even more . Since this is a summer season, the plants are taken care by regularly watering it .

We are prepared for the upcoming rainy season , hence all plants are protected by putting a border made out of bricks .

This arrangementĀ  prevents soil erosion and also allows the fertilizers to be used only for the plant and not somewhere else

A lot more can be said , but please come and see yourself