The cows are an integral part of the temples and their upkeep is one of the prime activities. In India, most of the Vaishnava temples have their own Goshala. The unadulterated milk supplied by these cows is used for the worship of the Lord.

ISKCON Vrindavan started a goshala in the year 1976, . Since then, over the last 30 years, the herd has increased. Currently there are 250 cows, housed in a facility behind the temple complex, which is kept immaculately clean by a team of three trained dairymen. The cows are bathed every day and during the summer they are bathed twice. They are allowed to roam around freely in a corral so that they can stretch their limbs and get some exercise. The milk from these cows is offered to the Lord not only as it is, but also used in a variety of forms to prepare delicious offerings.