Unity in Diversity

Hare Krishna Welcome to our Goshala , one of the oldest Goshalas in Iskcon , established by Srila Prabhupad himself .Today we are going to take a tour how do we feed  so many cows , which are approximately 400 in number Here in Vrindavan we call fodder as ‘chara’ . It consists of different […]

Calf born on Akshaya Tritiya

One of our beautiful mother cow gave birth to a very beautiful calf . Like her mother the calf was also white in color . Fortunately the calf was born on akshaya tritya day , which is very auspicous . Since calf is still not adopted , we have not named her still . As […]

Goshala Garden

Now please take a stroll in our goshala garden  . The goshala consists of various plants , shrubs and an entire belt of jasmine flowers , locally known as ‘mogra’ . These flowers enhance the beauty of the garden and makes you close to Krsna . Devotees chant their rounds or do pranayam to make […]


Caretakers arrange for silage at this time by soaking dry grass, jaggery, press cakes and other concentrative. This is soaked until 4:30 pm and is then offered in the evening to all the cows and bulls. The caretakers fill all the troughs with green grass before the cows come back from grazing.


After this, the cows take rest or keep strolling in the freestall barn that provides the cows with a clean, dry, comfortable resting area and easy access to water and salt . In  between pilgrims come and feed cows laddus made of jaggery and ‘chokar’ .The cows are not restrained and are free to enter, […]


At 8:00 AM, the cows are ready to go for open grazing assisted by two cowboys from the Goshala. As the doors open, the cows rush to the forest and happily graze for nearly two and a half hours. While they are away, the Goshala staff cleans the dung from the barn. Twice a week, […]