Unity in Diversity

Hare Krishna Welcome to our Goshala , one of the oldest Goshalas in Iskcon , established by Srila Prabhupad himself .Today we are going to take a tour how do we feed  so many cows , which are approximately 400 in number Here in Vrindavan we call fodder as ‘chara’ . It consists of different crops mainly ‘jowar’ in this season ‘chara ‘ cutting  is a funfilled activity in our Goshala . All the members of the Goshala Brahmachari ashram gather in the hot afternoon for the service of mother cow . This entire project  is led by HG Shubh Krishna prabhu , who is a source of inspiration for all of us . Inspite of being an IIT post graduate and being a leader of different Projects He himself takes  time to serve mother cow . HG Shubh Krishna Prabhu HG Shubh Krishna prabhu Next is our Parth Krishna prabhu who knows nothing but cows Parth Krishna prabhu Next is our youngest preacher and leader Anupam Krishna prabhu ,joining hands with everyone else Anupam Krishna p Anupam Krishna p Next is our eldest Brahmachari HG Vasudev prabhu , filled with energy , embarrasing even the younger ones Next is our Anant Krishna prabhu , the shastric advisor for our whole ashram . Inspite of being IIT graduate , he takes out time for serving the cows as well . Somebody may be a doctor ,some may be a engineer ,some may be a young Gurukul student or a new bhakta trainee , all unite together when it comes to serve our mother cow . The following pictures depict the most aspired goal of the whole world : ‘Unity in Diversity’ Jai Gomata !